How to make exercise a habit in 2024

 How to make exercise a habit

  Being an athlete does not mean that you exercise daily for some time and then return to your usual life for the rest of the day. Sports are a system of life and a pattern for taking advantage of every minute in moving your body’s muscles. However, if sports are not a part of your life to begin with, you must begin to reconsider introducing it. In your daily schedule, so we will provide you with a set of tips that will make exercise a part of your daily routine and live in an athletic style, whether you are sitting, walking, or driving a car.

Steps to follow

1- You must first be convinced that exercise is very important in your life and that your body is the most precious thing you have, and you must believe that your body is a trust that God Almighty has entrusted to you so that you can take care of it with the utmost care.

2- It is necessary to set exercise as a continuous goal in your life, not a temporary goal to get rid of a specific problem or lose some kilograms. You must get used to exercise as an essential part of your day, such as clothing and food.

3- To motivate yourself to exercise, it is necessary to buy sports clothing to prepare yourself psychologically to begin the change in your physical fitness. Also, because buying new clothes reflects positively on your psychology.

4- To encourage yourself to start exercising, link your practice to a place you like or something like listening to music, for example, or as a type of entertainment for yourself.

5- You should exercise with someone you love, for example with your friends or one of your relatives.

6- In order for the beginning to be easy, it is best to look for the easiest way to practice it, such as walking, riding a bike, or going to the health club if possible, because these are all easy and simple exercises for all bodies.

7- Exercise must be done gradually, such as walking for thirty minutes in the beginning without talking and breathing correctly through the nose. In order to benefit from exercise, you must feel every muscle moving in your body, then stop when you feel tired, and then you can gradually increase the exercise period.

 These are the most important ways that will help you love exercising and become attached to it daily, which will also make it a part of...

  Parts of your day that are impossible to leave behind, even in the most difficult daily circumstances, and adhere to them, my dear, to obtain a wonderful, healthy and fit body.

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