The Best Diet Plan for teenage girls in 2024

 Diet Plan for teenage girls in 2024

Teenage girls diet

Diet Plan for teenage girls

At this stage of their lives, girls are exposed to major changes that will greatly determine the course of their lives, and among these changes that affect girls are noticeable changes in weight, and their reason is due to the hormonal fluctuations that the girl experiences at this age, and if she neglects this, it will lead her to injury. Obesity, which she will suffer from for a long time, and diet has a major impact on the issue of weight gain, and one of the most important things that a girl must do is ask her mother for help, who in turn must follow up on this matter with all seriousness, and take her daughter to the specialist doctor, Or a nutrition expert and follow all the advice and diets he recommends for the girl, and in this article we will provide the most important tips for an ideal diet for teenage girls.

Tips before starting a new diet

You must understand the basic principle of healthy eating, which is based on the following table, which shows the division of meals during the day.

The meal is divided into the plate in a healthy way

Breakfast should contain carbohydrates, fruits, and protein.

Lunch should contain protein and vegetables.

Dinner should contain protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables.

Snacks should contain protein, vegetables, and fruits.

For each of the previous meals, the amount of vegetables in the plate should be the largest part of it, followed by protein, then carbohydrates, and you can eat dairy products with any meal during the day.

Health system for adolescent girls

If you want to have a beautiful and healthy body, follow the following diet:

Drink plenty of water: To lose weight, you must stop drinking soft drinks and juices filled with a high percentage of sugar, which cause excessive obesity, and are among the most harmful foods to the body, not to mention the problems they cause to the teeth, such as cavities.

Water fills the stomach and gives it a feeling of fullness, which naturally reduces food intake. Among the information that many people do not know: Drinking cold water burns more calories, because the body works harder to maintain normal body temperature.

Eat everything: Do not deprive yourself of any food, but ask your mother to prepare it for you with a smaller amount of oils and fats, and try not to eat bread and rice unless it is made from whole wheat grains, and things that you should never eat even if you have a fit body. These are: fast food that is very harmful to your body. Because it is full of oils that coat the arteries from the inside and are stored in your body, which leads to obesity.

Do not follow fast diets: Do not fall into the trap of fast diets, which give the illusion of losing excess weight quickly. Rather, what they do is only lose fluids in the body.

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